Karrsen’s production capability combines significant vertical integration with a broad network of proven raw material and component suppliers.  With over 10 assembly and sub-assembly lines, Karrsen is experienced in producing a very wide range of electrical appliances and is also well suited to producing a variety of other consumer and commercial products.  Products produced by Karrsen are supplied to major OEM / ODM brand customers for distribution to North America, Central America, South America and Europe today.

Our manufacturing capabilities include metal (stainless steel, steel and aluminum) stamping, deep draw, rolling, bending, machining, polishing, welding, painting, nonstick coating, silk screen, pad printing, etch printing and assembly processes.  Our extensive network of suppliers complement well with our capabilities by adding plastic injection molding (PP, PC and Phenolic), aluminum sand and die casting, chrome-plating and anodizing to Karrsen.


Karrsen’s factory area includes 27,000sq meters (nearly 300,000 sq ft) under roof.  Besides production areas, Karrsen’s facilities also include an in-house tooling shop, finished goods warehouse (with multiple container loading doors), raw materials warehouse and pre-shipment inspection rooms / test laboratories.  Annual production capacity is 3 million units and major product lines today include roaster ovens, toaster ovens, coffeemakers, electric kettles, patented multicookers, slow cookers, induction cookers, hot plates and massage stone heaters.