Karrsen’s factory is ISO 9000 certified and has been producing high quality kitchen appliances for export since it was founded. As such, our Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes have been developed to meet the special needs of demanding export customers.



Karrsen invests significant portion of our resources and activity to ensuring quality.   To this end, Karrsen employs a multi-pronged approach, which includes IQC as well as extensive in-process quality checks, testing and also end of line auditing.  Beyond these efforts, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our quality and processes through the collection and analysis of quality data from these quality checkpoint stations.

Being a supplier to many well known major electric appliance brands, Karrsen is also accustomed to routine factory audits for social compliance, safety and C-TPAT.


Product Certifications & Standards

Product certifications and standards are important to maintaining a high level of quality. The appliances manufactured at Karrsen carry marks of UL (both commericial and household listings), ETL, NSF, CE and RoHS. Whether it is shepherding your new products through agency testing and certification, or complying with requirements via quarterly / annual visits by agency inspectors, Karrsen is experienced in handling these tasks seamlessly and with little to no effort on your part.